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Creedmoor Commons
Creedmoor, NC

Space Available

Downloadable Information:
Hall F. Barnett - 919.827.1878
Located east of downtown Creedmoor on Hwy 56, the center is less than one mile from South Granville High School and the local middle school. The 2008 traffic survey shows 11,000 vehicles per day traveling on Hwy 56. Anchors – Food Lion (38,274 sq. ft.), Family Dollar (8,800 sq. ft.); Inline – United States Postal Service (4,500 sq. ft.), China Wok (1,500 sq. ft.), Computers Plus (3,600 sq. ft.), Nails For You (1,500 sq. ft.), Subway (1,500 sq. ft.); Available Inline – 1,500 sq. ft.